Cochlear Implant

How does it work?
Conventional hearing aids capture sound, amplify it and send it through the normal auditory canal. However, if the ear damage is too severe, amplifying the sound with a traditional hearing aid will not help. The cochlear implant overcomes this problem by sending the signal directly to the auditory nerve. This means that, unlike traditional hearing aids, cochlear implants avoid damaged areas of the ear. These capture the sound, process it and through the electronics stimulate the auditory nerve. As the years go by we realize the great progress of the implants, which range from the ears and removable, one of the most popular are the dental implants in Tijuana.

Suitable for children and adults
Children older than 12 months, adults and the elderly can enjoy a cochlear implant if a doctor or audiologist considers them suitable to receive the implant.

About cochlear implants
A cochlear implant is formed by the external sound processor and the internal cochlear implant.

The external part consists of a sound processor located behind the ear and a guide that connects the processor to the antenna. The antenna is directly attached to the skin with magnet in the area of ??the internal part.

The internal part is a receiver placed with surgery under the skin in the temporal bone. The receiver has a bundle of electrodes located in the cochlea.

1. The sound processor captures and digitizes the sound.

2. The antenna is directly attached to the skin with a magnet and transmits the digitized sound from the sound processor to the implant receiver.

3. The magnetic receiver is implanted under the skin directly below the antenna. This transforms the digital information into an electronic signal sent to the cochlea.

4. The electrode bundle is inserted in the cochlea. Each electrode of the beam corresponds to a frequency of the signal.

5. When the encoded signal is transmitted to the corresponding electrode, the auditory nerve is stimulated.

6. The brain receives the sound transmitted through the auditory nerve.

Hear conversations and participate in everyday activities
With the Neuro cochlear implant system, you will become one of the thousands of people who have relied on our cochlear implant for their daily life around the world. Users of the Neuro system tell us that their independence, their understanding of speech and their ability to participate in social activities have improved.