Tissues of patients with breast cancer for breast reconstruction

The specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery has ensured that the use of the tissue of the patient with breast cancer is considered the best alternative for breast reconstruction since it provides stable and lasting results over time.

Also, as detailed, provides excellent characteristics regarding texture, volume, and symmetry concerning the healthy breast and is compatible with the curative treatment to which the patient is subjected. The microsurgical alternative known as DIEP is recognized as the best option in breast reconstruction since it does not associate the disadvantages related to the use of breast prostheses, provide greater naturalness and better long-term evolution. The results of this technique are fascinating because it can help other branches of medicine, including Mexico dentists.

It is a technique that involves the removal of fat and skin from the abdomen of the patient, which is transferred to the thorax by joining the blood vessels by microsurgery, so that the vascularization of the transferred tissue is maintained, to reconstruct a new mom with him.

In Spain, few surgeons perform it, although all professionals agree that it is the option that offers the best results to patients. However, is becoming popular not only for breast reconstruction in patients who suffer from the disease (both deferred and immediate, that is, at the same time that the mastectomy is done), but also in those patients with particular risk, who undergo mastectomies prophylactically to prevent the development of breast cancer.

“The options with autologous tissue are the only alternatives in which we can assure that the reconstruction is really final, they provide a natural way to the breast, the touch of the tissue is excellent, it thins, it fattens and it ages as the patient will do, it does not exist rejection, unlike what can happen with breast implants, has an optimal long-term evolution and a faster recovery in the medium term, since no muscle of the patient is sacrificed. Multiple scientific articles reflect the high satisfaction rates of the patients when reconstructing with this technique.

Also, many professionals, consider the critical role of radiotherapy in the current treatment of breast cancer, and they think that the DIEP is the best option in patients previously irradiated or in those who require radiation to treat their disease after a mastectomy.