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Being viewed as eco friendly is virtually vital to the image of an organization. Using technology that was green, reducing carbon footprint, supporting recycling and using recycled materials, waste management and sustainable energy sources have become vital to the CSR picture of an organization.

Using eco-friendly printed stationery and company products is one place where many corporations can use green technology. Among the largest trends in eco friendly printing that is being seen in the market now is that of paper use.

Paper: More and more conventional printing companies are reporting that customers request the use of FSC paper, recycled or recyclable materials, and preferring to use sustainable social forestry products rather than the old wasteful procedures. Other options are living tree paper or leaf paper, which will not need felling. Actually many printing companies guidance clients to go paperless by storing files, documents and other important papers. Double-sided printing can save costs by as much as 30%.

Inks: Using vegetable, organic or soy-based inks is crucial for an eco friendly printing company. Conventional inks are oil based and cause tremendous quantities of toxic waste being discharged into the surroundings. Likewise, glues and adhesives give textured, shiny finishes and to finish the paper should be green also, otherwise they are going to leave the paper un-recyclable.

Printing procedure: New waterless printing technologies are emerging which preserve valuable water resources as well as give efficient, clean and easy printing procedures. It is up to company or an organization to check with their printers whether they are using such technology that is new going green if it just means using recycled paper and green inks would be useless.

Renewable energy: An eco friendly printing company additionally uses suitable renewable energy resources like solar, wind or wave energy wherever possible. For a really eco-friendly doctrine to be consistent, customers must check whether all the parts are made using renewable resources that are such. For example, ink and whether the paper also have been made with the green rag in head.

Using the services of an eco-friendly printing company was seen some time past as being an expensive fad, but now as an increasing number of clients and customers of large corporations are expressing their concern over eco friendly practices, the green lobby is finally coming into its own. “Green” has now emerged as an esteemed label to have on a business’s business stationery, products and events sponsored by it.