go green
Image by reXraXon

Going green should be an important part of your marketing plan if your startup is making sound decisions. Consumers have become more conscious of standards that are eco-friendly, and identifying your business as an environmentally friendly resource will improve your bottom line, your image and, perhaps.

Recent studies show that more than three quarters of American consumers are really worried about the ecosystem, and it’s estimated that 30% of US adults qualify as eco-friendly consumers. This tendency is especially apparent in the rapid growth of startups focusing especially on consumers that are eco-friendly. These consumers are looking to reduce their own environmental footprint through simple options — buying organic foods, making little changes (lightbulbs, etc.) — anything that improves their self-admitted issue for the environment. Given the option between two alternatives that are similar, a substantial part of consumers will select the business that’s at least trying to go eco-friendly.

In relation to your advertising messages, eco-friendly consumers are generally skeptical about sensational claims of environmental protection, but are also quite knowledgeable in general about what this means to be eco-friendly. These two inclinations can be to your advantage. Any moves your business makes to conserve energy will save the firm money, but they are able to also be encouraged and described as sound to your potential marketplace. Add a “gone eco-friendly” page to your web site that describes the measures you’ve taken and how they positively affect the ecosystem.

Prevent developing whole marketing plans around your environmental consciousness. The classic advertising tools — cost, quality, and convenience drive even eco-friendly consumers. But, given a choice between two products perceived to be identical, eco-friendly consumers will select the one which appears to be inclined toward their conscious self-image. Add a “green product” label where suitable, but keep your advertising focus on the advantages and quality of your products.

Many metropolitan areas boast networking groups or trade associations focused on green businesses. Your advertising chances increase, as the other ecofriendly enterprises will be outstanding opportunities for cross-promotion. Additionally, networking with members of these groups can allow you to locate other cost cutting measures which will also improve your persona that is eco-friendly.

While raising your customer base and protecting the ecosystem are great reasons to embrace green business practices, the largest advantage will be to your firm’s bottom line. Selecting to reduce waste will cut prices of removing the waste — a rest that is major particularly when your business makes any toxic or hazardous waste in your work procedures. Even small energy-economy alterations can save a surprising amount in utility prices annually, usually much more than the attempts price in the first place. Many eco-friendly policies will even have the favorable effect of enhancing efficiency and the productivity in your workplace. Using paper that is less means less storage and less filing, and digging through well-ordered electronic files takes much less time than wading through reams of paper records.

Going green can enrich your advertising messages and improve your standing with eco-friendly consumers. But more than that, making eco friendly decisions for your business will ultimately help total productivity and your profitability.