Are Individuals Hostile Towards Environmentalism?

Are Individuals Hostile Towards Environmentalism?

by ElDave

One is the way hostile individuals can be towards it. Many people do not merely differ with dwelling more eco-friendly; it is flat out opposed by them. Calling folks who care for the surroundings granola or nut cases are a few of the more moderate terms.

And yet, at it’s heart substantially of environmentalism strikes me as straightforward good sense. Where’s the harm in attempting to use fewer resources? In attempting to reduce pollution? In attempting to keep more animal species from becoming extinct or endangered?

Most of the individuals who truly cannot stand environmentalism look to the most extreme points of environmentalism and use it to anyone who just desires to live greener. It is as though the more reasonable positions which are a lot more common are not visible.

You can level all you would like to the periphery environmental groups who occasionally do more damage than good in their own attempts to redirect the way the remainder of us dwell, but this is not the typical environmentalist you will meet every single day.

Certainly we need practical solar power. Why should not we, if it could be done more efficiently and more economical than coal? The technology is looking swearing at long last, and has really made some great jumps this previous year. It might have taken a couple more decades to reach that stage than initially expected, but this is technology for you. Progress are unable to be scheduled.

And yes, many an environmentalist want to see fewer pesticides used on our foods. That is why organic produce is growing a lot very popular. And it seems that pesticides are doing a lot of injury to our oceans. Organic farming could be carried out fairly efficiently, and in several regions of the world would be much more affordable in relation to the continuous use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

If the food is healthier for you and tastes better, while creation continues to be great, why not?

There are few environmentalists who need all people to return to a simple lifestyle. Simplification is supported, yes, however do not confuse that with crude.

And of course there is the flap over global warming. Yes, environmentalists consider it to be an issue. Rather likely an urgent one.

Now I inquire, what’s the harm in attempting to prevent global warming? Investigating it’s resulted in new businesses, in several innovations. I do not believe it is going to damage the market as some anxiety. However, the expense of dismissing the chance might be a lot higher. I had rather take my chances on attempting to make a change now than do nothing.

No, not everything I do to live a greener lifestyle is comfortable. Most of what I do as an individual actually will not add up on a scale the world will notice. But the more people working at it, the more companies who take note and make an effort, the higher the impact we can have.

A Bona Fide Wellness Center And Green Health

It’d not look extraordinary to learn that a health and wellness facility to be ecofriendly and environmental. Few people realize the very best significance for Green refers to “Health Impact.” That isn’t exact, although the term Green was utilized as a synonym for environmentalism. This proves this practice dwells what it instructs. The reality that Dr. Mowry made some really significant choices to make her healing and wellness center an accredited Green company. This theory may be not as dependable in many such businesses. Going Green is a healthy way of life that can help healthier community a healthy family, as well as a healthy world.

Dr. Mowry worked with Jean Cozzolino of Greener Perspectives, LLC who’s a Green Business League Accredited Advisor who’s really passionate about Green. Jean is a motivated person with all the experience to support any company with a Green software. As Dr. Mowry’s office shows, the process of Eco-Friendly company certification isn’t a laid back attempt. Every Green certificate has a point value and ought to be certified by a Green audit. This is actually the top strategy to eradicate because an audit is a third party verification process that needs actual contribution in the environmental effort greenwashing. The Green Business League applauds Dr. Kristin Mowry and the Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island.

The Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island is an option, holistic health practice offering natural approaches to health. Rather than treating and diagnosing a disease or health condition, they assess to find the reason the body is not recovering. Then they use methods that are natural to help the body to recover its power to cure. At that point, the BODY treats the root reason for the disorder, which restores function and the patient’s health. More significant, together with the body capable to fix, this issue will not return and the individual will have a restored complete amount of health.

At The Healing and Wellness Center of Kent Island, they specialize in hard or “hopeless” cases which never have reacted well to other treatment (either medical or option). They’ve found that getting results on these hard cases is not impossible due to the vast power of the entire body to cure itself. Our occupation will be to help the entire body so the body is free to fix, to understand the issue.

As individuals, all of US believe that we’re in a hurry to get someplace quickly! Due to that, we’re all at times of not having our priorities in order at fault. Overall, we’re overfed and undernourished. We are running processed foods, on virtually no sleep, and under more pressure than normal. We risk our health to earn money after which lose our cash to salvage our health. Why don’t you take joy in your life to its fullest potential and start living well?

If your wellbeing is not your priority, your body is probably sending you signals that it wants help. Your body will really inform you with a variety of signs: pain, head aches, sinus infections, tiredness, weight gain, acid reflux, digestive difficulties, dizziness, joint stiffness, sleeplessness… my list could go on and on. Just how many times have you sat in a physician ‘s office for when you eventually see them it is just for five full minutes and thirty minutes and also you leave with a prescription and instruction to phone in the event you’re feeling worse? Perhaps you have waited hours for a return phone call from your physician which never comes? It’s frustrating, I comprehend.

She strives to be an outstanding resource for you as well as your family in regards to holistic health and wellness. Dr. Mowry guarantees time after time provide excellence, individualized, and compassionate care to every patient that’s without equal to any physician in the region. Dr. Mowry is accessible to anyone by telephone, e-mail, or office visit at all times of the day. Dr. Mowry is truthfully enthusiastic about your well-being and well-being.

Dr. Mowry is a private practice clinician and professional wellness teacher. Her desire is contented as well as healthy teaching and living her patients satisfying and easy methods to live nicely. She’s true, trustworthy, and reliable. She really desires to direct and train individuals to allow them to live a healthy and happy life. She is a licensed physical therapist in Maryland and has a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from The University of Maryland, School of Medicine. She’s a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Loyola College in Maryland. She’s additionally a Certified Holistic Health Counselor.

Modest Green Business Drives Environmentalism For “The Remainder of Us”

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It’s not possible to open a paper or turn on a TV without being inundated with info about the devastating circumstances of our ecosystem. Global warming is causing ice to melt, threatening increasing sea levels around the world. Using highly hazardous substances is causing health conditions that are dangerous every day to propagate more rapidly. Something that is undeniably must transform; a change must be made by us. Executing a complete lifestyle makeover yet, can be daunting and according to a green business owner, “paralyzing”. Owner of Fish Lips Paper Layouts, Kimi Chronis, says it’s not difficult to fall into the trap of considering that environmentalism is in the event that you can not give to large scale changes, and thinking, then there’s no point in striving to be green. This kind of thinking, while common, is “dangerous and unproductive,” according to Chronis.

There are individuals on earth that are giving up all of the comforts of contemporary life, using composting toilets and covering their houses in solar panels – all in the name of environmentalism. These activists are really the committed leaders of the crucial time. On the other hand, the value of the more important changes made by these few cannot overshadow the significance of little changes made by the masses, or as Chronis likes to refer to it, “The Rest of Us”. “Most folks aren’t financially, physically or emotionally ready to make extreme changes; these individuals make up ‘The Rest of Us’,” says Chronis. Her belief is the fact that each single responsible thing you do, however modest, is essential. Each piece of every energy efficient light bulb you use and paper you recycle will turn you into a section of the remedy. Consider this… the typical toilet faucet flows at a speed of two gallons per minute. 32 gallons of water would be saved per day if each individual in a four person family turned off the faucet for both minutes, two times a day they brush their teeth.

It’s facts such as this that inspired Kimi Chronis to begin Fish Lips Paper Layouts. “I need to aid bridge the difference between designer aesthetics and environmental duty and to help people readily execute sustainability inside their everyday lives.” Jacksonville, FL based Fish Lips Paper Layouts creates gift wraps, note cards and clean books all designed, printed and packaged in the United States on 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% PCW) with nontoxic soy inks. In 2009, if each individual in the state of Florida wrapped one top carton size present with Fish Lips’ green gift wraps, rather than conventional wrappings created from grown and 9,264,000 fully virgin pulp, more than 21,710 gallons of water would be saved. Moreover, if one greeting card was replaced by every individual in the state this year over grown and 1,564,000 4,500 gallons of, with Fish Lips’ 100% recycled cards water saved. be would This really is irrefutable signs of the ability of “The Rest of Us”.

The Top 5 Ecofriendly Characteristics

The Top 5 Ecofriendly Characteristics

solar panel
Image by Marufish

Incorporating green attributes into new houses from the planning phase is among the greatest trends in modern building. More of today’s new houses are being thoughtfully, intentionally intended to lessen their effect on the surroundings. They’re likewise being built with sustainable living in your mind. The very best five eco-friendly new house characteristics of 2011 include:

1) Photovoltaic solar: Solar energy generation technology has really made significant progress in the past decade. Now’s solar panels are somewhat more efficient and aesthetically-pleasing and more affordable than ever.

Photovoltaic solar (also called PV) converts sunlight into energy which can be utilized to power your house. PV is not dangerous and doesn’t generate any emissions or pollution. Unlike early variations of solar panels, electricity can be generated by the PV of now even on overcast days.

Installing PV does add to the bottom line price tag of designing and constructing houses. The additional cost, though, can usually be recouped within several years to a decade as a result of cash PV will save on energy prices.

2) Efficient insulation materials: One of the simplest methods to save on the price of energy would be to continue interior temperatures steady through quality insulating material. The new houses of today are using more efficient systems of insulating material. A couple of the very famous in modern new houses contain insulated concrete forms (ICF) and blown cellulose.

ICF blocks resemble big, shoebox shaped building blocks. They contain a foam outer casing using a cavity in the middle which gets filled with concrete.

ICF blocks are on the list of most robust yet most adaptive wall building materials accessible. Concrete supplies sound insulation and outstanding weather and moisture barrier. The foam casings allow for walls to flex with changing temperatures, ground settling and even cataclysmic events like earthquakes and tornadoes.

Blown cellulose is increasingly used to replace or complement conventional fiberglass insulation in new homes. It’s blown into cracks and openings or spaces like attics much like fiberglass. Yet blown cellulose provides a better barrier against wetness and for that reason mould protection that is first-class.

As an insulation materials, blown cellulose is significantly more environmentally friendly than fiberglass. It’s 75 to 85 percent composed of recycled paper, the greatest of any insulating material.

3) Efficient, earth friendly heat/cooling systems: Radiant heating and geothermal heat are a couple of the very popular such systems in new houses. Glowing heat could possibly be considered as the reverse of the more tradition convection-design house heating systems (such as furnace heat). Furnaces and other convection-kind systems transfer heat to the atmosphere of a home’s.

The issue with this is that a whole lot of heat gets lost in the procedure. The end result is the fact that a furnace has to run longer and more often to preserve a cozy surroundings.

Radiant heating systems, on the flip side, basically warm the items in a room (such as a man) rather than the atmosphere itself. Rather than transferring heat to the atmosphere, it is transferred straight to someone.

The room itself doesn’t have to be “room temperature” in order for the person to feel comfortable. This system can save a large amount of energy (and thus money).

Geothermal heating draws heat up from the earth to warm a home. It requires significantly less energy to do this than to heat up atmosphere which has come from the outside of a home. In reverse it works during hot weather seasons, delivering warm air back into the earth leaving the house cool.

4) Green roofing: Conventional asphalt shingle roofing is one of the lowest of roofing materials when it comes to sustainability. It’s the least moisture-proof and requires the most care of any roof system. Additionally, it wants more frequent replacement than other, greener kinds.

Green houses of now are shying away from asphalt roofing in favor more efficient roofing materials. Ceramic and metal are a few of the very often seen, needing much less upkeep and replacement and providing exceptional moisture resistance.

For new home buyers who would like to go even greener (literally), the rooftop garden is gaining popularity. Rooftop gardens work especially good in places which do not experience extreme winters. They offer natural insulation for new houses while giving off oxygen and without emitting toxins.

5) Eco friendly building materials: Occasionally going green can be as straightforward as selecting more sustainable, eco friendly building materials. Modern home buyers are eschewing imported wood in favor of stuff which have been recycled.

Many of these have been recycled from old things. Others are actually things that are old set to a brand new use, like building houses that are new out of old plane components.

How Eco-Friendly Occasions are Leading in the Green Movement

How Eco-Friendly Occasions are Leading in the Green Movement

Image by Moyan_Brenn


Daily the world is being polluted as well as the degrees of pollution have reached an all-time high. Water, the atmosphere, and land are being assaulted with dangerous substances daily. Greed fuels much of the pollution. Many factory owners aren’t contemplating the dangerous impact they are doing to the environment but instead how much cash they are able to make.

People everywhere are polluting the world on a daily basis due to ignorance. That’s why knowledge through education is really significant. Happily there’s a movement called the “green movement” that’s working to prepare kids and grownups in addition to place more stringent laws to apply environmental security problems. The Green Movement is being viewed in our local communities.

Green occasions are raising consciousness to modify our poor dangerous customs and giving fire to transform for a fitter greener planet. Green occasions are being held all all over the world in an endeavor to prevent the pollution of our planet through dangerous discharges, and hazardous substances. These environmental events are changing the face of a generation as well as a country for the better.

Education is an essential role in the eco-friendly movement. Since it educates individuals little recycling points like, to what large businesses are doing to contribute to the greening attempts like how to sufficiently distinguish recyclables, smoke stack regulations. Instruction is the main element of the Green Movement.

The coming generation must learn the value of keeping their planet clean from litter and pollution. We have that obligation demonstrate and to educate our younger generations to be eco friendly. Some schools have started to prepare our kids and have found onto the eco-friendly attempts the value of a well-being world.

But beyond instruction we must instill long-term customs within their everyday lives. We should generate a green consciousness in the younger generation. Green occasions are an excellent chance for families to be trained in the eco-friendly efforts, and to be conscious.

Green occasions and environmental occasions are spreading the word through instruction and hands on tasks. Green occasions are igniting people’s fires to be active in the movement of saving the world. Many people believe that they understand the entire degree of the damage that pollution is having on our environment however they don’t. People’s eyes are opening all around the world, and showing them the appropriate steps toward making a long-term change.

The fire for saving the environment is propagating. Everyone from senior citizens to young kids are enthusiastic about altering their world. And as the fire to be green in individuals is grown by the green movement will grow.

Support eco-friendly occasions by supporting your community leaders to hold more eco-friendly occasions. Get in touch with your local school board to request how they’re preparing the kids in your community about the necessity to defend the surroundings. It’s possible for you to really make a difference in your community by supporting occasions that are eco-friendly.

Finding New Methods to Go Green at Home

Green energy is major news today. The whole world is apparently going green. Finding methods that are critical to defend the surroundings by lessening the impact created by a number of practices and damaging substances is of top value now. A lot of individuals welcome strategies for adding their efforts to the cause as minded citizens seek to find new methods to recycle, reduce, and reuse.

It’s likely to begin with 5 top strategies for going green and really make a difference. Since the very first Earth Day, people have slowly become conscious that even modest contributions made over an extended time are welcome. Recycling is a family practice in every important market that is world-wide.

There’s more that could be done, however. A short look at eco-friendly jobs demonstrates that a mind boggling collection of organizations exist to champion the cause of making a cleaner, safer surroundings. Ranging from working to developing alternative energy sources toward cleaner air and water, the listing of organizations participating worldwide is actually rather amazing.

On an extremely personal level, one excellent trick someone might follow would be to attend an energy fair. All these are fast becoming popular as people seek to find out more about keeping their very own houses and property using sustainable and renewable energy foods. A visit to an excellent energy honest will open up a number of paths toward a lifestyle that is eco-friendly. Canada is the place of the greatest yearly energy honest in North America. With seminars, ecology occasions, and fairs offered through the nation, Canada is making great strides toward energy instruction.

Some forward thinking individuals really have worked to develop their particular energy independent from public utility companies. Using wind or solar technologies is part of their strategy to become energy independent, decreasing use of conventional power grids. This trick works well for those who can get the knowledge to make alternative power section of their own homes or have.

Another suggestion for reducing environmental impact will be to live a simpler life. Families are returning to less energy dependent interests including games, outdoor activities, reading, dialogue, and social interaction rather than utilizing computer games, computer, or tv. By using less energy, more families are being brought .

Consumer guides to using less energy do exist. For purchasing better assembled products that preserve electricity exploiting into the thoughts is just another simple trick that most folks can use. Important shops are supplying tags that identify energy conserving appliances. When it’s time for an appliance upgrade at home consider these products.

Though controversial, and definitely amenable to private and spiritual inclinations, one last life altering trick might be to decide to eat foods that need less energy to create. Picking vegetables and fruits eating within this suggestion and grown. It’s fast becoming common knowledge it requires resources and more energy to make a cow than it does to create vegetables in a household garden plot to eat. It might be for some though eating less meat isn’t the option for everybody. The conflict for better green energy might very well be won in an easy, nicely tended family garden.

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Eco- rings that are eco-friendly: The Proper Enjoyment

Eco- rings that are eco-friendly: The Proper Enjoyment

Making jewelry business or your store the most successful it could be really is the real key to healthy success. Find the jewelry design tricks that’ll take your business to the top out. Jewelry and precious jewel continuing occasions that are drawn-out actually signify your drawn-out continuing actually like. Eco- rings that are green are new fashion. Precious stone Rings- Jewels like Black crimson Black crimson and Stone additionally appear ravishing in a platinum. This recent pattern of green/eco designs in jewelry isn’t just a relaxing reversal of rate with wishes to energy and enjoyment; it’s a concern of several customers the things they purchase aren’t destroying the environment. Including eco designs to your jewelry variety is simple whether you’re creating the products yourself or buying for resell. Jewelry is a hypoallergenic metal that makes it a perfect metal for all kinds of skin, particularly for people with sensitive skin. Some eco jewelry is depending on whether it’s leading to the pitfall of its individuals or a country’s feeling. The precious stone marketplace was hit hard with problems of “clash free’ investigation and “blood jewels.”

Jewelry wedding jewelry have become quite well known as a symbol of actually like and hygiene. They seem striking and stylish. The two largest facets resulting in the enhancing standing of the jewelry are endurance and hygiene. Ecofriendly rings will become your first selection. Diamonds which are used to invest in municipal struggles aren’t well known. Diamond mines that influence the eco system have dropped out of advantage. Some untrusting customers have given up on buying jewels fully and look towards other jewels although the Kimberly procedure was understood to discontinue the entry of problem stone.

Shielding all your perspectives with regards to promotion to a broad customer variable can mean big gains for you. Eco designs are a market’ that may help your web site be readily located by the Google in contrast to just another site about “sterling gold.”

Ecofriendly wedding rings only for you. It’s the ending of the group on the inside of the side that’s likely to possess scrapes and damage as it’s constantly having the most connections with other things like entrance buttons and work stations from regular use. It seems adoring and stylish. You’ll find platinum actually like occasions for both women and men. Most wedding jewelry was created from parts and parts like gold and Jewelry and are likely to the beginning slowly. The the majority of the people on the planet need to put on engagement things on their exceptional actions as well as other tasks that are casual. This can surely bring smile on the meeting of your close relatives. Choosing an engagement for the greatest occasion of your lifestyle is complex in any way.!

The Wedding Jewelry Houston, TX lets you in selecting team that is perfect within several contribution designs to choose. Betrothals are considered to not be complete with no exchange of rings by groom-to-be and the bride. So receive the best price of eco-eco-friendly rings and ecofriendly wedding rings by clicking this it is simple to enter on the website and you’ll be able to get connected info.

Green Business: The Way of Tomorrow

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In case you would like to “go green, ” contemplate making your company a green business. It is a well-known style that’s extremely eco friendly. These companies could even help the surroundings, and can reduce their effect on the surroundings. Having a “green business” could also help your organization to gain customers. A lot of individuals now are worried in regards to the surroundings, and could opt to pick a business that was green over another, non-green business.

if you want to make your company more eco-friendly, it’s likely best to first think about little measures you could take. Recycling is something you could do to lessen your impact. It’s important to recycle all stuff which can be recycled, although you might recycle. This requires some willpower, but doesn’t really cost any money. A lot of matters could be recycled, so understanding what’s recyclable and looking at bundles can help eco-friendly out your company.

Composting is just another option that can help make your business eco-friendly. Compost is organic substance that’s used for plant fertilizer instead of going into landfills. It will assist the environment as it puts plant matter back in the world and keeps waste out of landfills.

Another simple step that you could take will be to decrease the quantity of consumption in your workplace. By examining just how much paper, plastic, stuff, etc., you are able to do it You use in your workplace. You try to find methods to decrease the quantity of these things which you use. For example, should you use ten sheets of single-sided paper to make booklets, you might want to change to five double-sided sheets to preserve paper.

Ecofriendly materials are also something you could get to eco-friendly out your company. When you must use paper, recycled paper is a greener alternative. It may be high quality, so it’s a simple swap. Other recycled products may be utilized, together with all-natural, sustainable, or free trade products. These changes can help lessen your effect on the surroundings.

Another way to really go green is to buy green cleaning supplies. Typically they’re contemplated cleaning equipment that use natural ingredients rather than compounds, although all these are often tagged as such. Other eco-friendly cleaning supplies contain sponges that are recycled. Should you use sponges rather than paper towels for cleaning, you can avoid spending paper and cash by not buying as many paper towels.

If your company has an auto fleet, contemplate changing to hybrid or electric cars. Hybrid vehicles get better gas mileage than many autos that are similar, so they could be an excellent investment. Electrical/hybrid cars are more eco-friendly, nevertheless they are usually higher priced. These automobiles run from stopping up the vehicle in on electric power, which comes. The vehicle could be changed to hybrid mode, which means you’re never stuck someplace with no electricity, when this power runs out.

Solar power is a popular though initially high-priced alternative. It’s better if your business is in the sun regularly. Solar power uses solar power power systems to convert energy from the sun into electricity. It’s possible to make ones business entirely solar-powered, but in addition to input signal back solar electricity into the power grid. They’re certainly an investment, meaning that your pay out WOn’t occur for several years, as they can be not cheap. Nevertheless, they will most likely provide you with a free source of energy later on and are ideal for the surroundings.

Learn the way that it’s going to help out the surroundings and more about a Green Business. There are several Green Businesses you could explore beginning. Go online now and learn more. !

Fight Continues over GMO Labeling

Image by matsuyuki


With America, and the rest of the world, demanding more transparency in their government, politics, and other areas of life their requests for transparency in the food they consume is no different. And it shouldn’t be. As consumers, we have a right to vote with our dollar and to know exactly what kinds of foods (and food brands) we are voting to keep on our shelves and put in our bodies. What started as a small movement has turned into a large one, with America demanding to know what we are feeding our families on a day to day basis.


Vermont took the lead in this movement in 2014, when it made a law stating that food made with GMOs must be labeled to inform customers of its ingredients. As expected, the state of Vermont was faced with legal implications from various food producers who claim the law violates the constitution. Luckily, this lawsuit was dismissed but soon after an injunction was filed to ban it again.


USDA Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, proposed a compromise on this controversial issue. His idea? Mandatory disclosure. So how is this any different than mandatory labeling? Rather than placing a label on the packaging stating that the food product was made with GMOs, it would require companies provide the information to interested consumers.


The proposal came up with two options: an 800 number or a QR code for a smartphone to scan on the packaging. This means every package you pick up at the grocery store you would have to make a phone call to the manufacturer to find out if the product was made with or without GMOs, or scan the QR code with your smartphone to find out. A “minor” added frustration for those who already dislike having to make the weekly trip to the grocery store.


While some say this proposal would just deter customers from calling the number on the back, the Grocery Manufacturers Association has not stated whether or not they support the proposition. Instead, a spokesman for the GMA has only claimed that the association wants to work with senators to make sure they are operating in the best interest of the consumer, the small business, and the farmers.


With multiple other states following Vermont’s lead, it is clear that what the people want is more transparency in their food labeling. We want to know what we are consuming. So why are massive companies spending millions of dollars trying to prevent us from knowing what we eat? Anti-GMO activists everywhere can thank the tiny state of Vermont for making waves in favor of the consumer, as it is important that we stand up for our rights to know what is in our food.

Natural Gas Overtakes Coal for Power Generation

Image by Don Burkett

Natural gas is now the United State’s primary fuel for generating electricity, sending coal to the back of the line. Natural gas is in position to provide 33% of generation in 2016, as believed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. If this keeps heading in that direction, it will be natural gas that beats coal on an annual basis. Natural gas and coal have each contributed a third of all electricity generating in 2015.

In the 19th century, natural gas contributed to being used mostly as a light source. There wasn’t a way to transport gas very far without pipeline infrastructure as is today. This era produced natural gas from coal, instead of the wells. The use of natural gas was converted to electricity by the end of this century.

The use of natural gas for cooking or heating, arrived in 1885, by Robert Bunsen who invented the Bunsen burner device. It mixed air and natural gas that created a controlled flame. This in turn opened valuable opportunities for new uses of natural gas.

Even though coal proved its worth by providing for half of all the U.S. electricity in the years between 2000 and 2008. Today however, the use of fracking has provided the market with cheap natural gas and lower natural gas prices than any time in recent memory, according to ENMAX.

The largest U.S. coal miner, Peabody Energy – BTU -is considering bankruptcy, because of the lack of funds to pay their obligations. In 2015, Patriot Coal went through bankruptcy, Chapter 11, and reported annual losses in the four years running. The use of coal fell by the wayside.

EIA states that their estimates reveal that non-hydroelectric generation, this includes both solar and wind power will provide 8% of 2016 domestic electricity supply. This will be the first year in history for USA solar power to contribute more generating capacity than natural gas. This does indicate the growth in a successful trend. The nuclear power remains consistent by their 19% level. Hydroelectric power contributes a 6% share.

Natural gas, considered a fossil fuel. Its primary use is energy for your home like heating, cooking also there’s gas for vehicles. It is considered a clean energy. Being able to deal with energy spikes, the natural gas plants have proven to be flexible in both technical and economically terms.

Continuing the use of coal can be harmful and will have consequences on the environment. Not only does mining for coal harm the landscapes, it’s releasing toxins into the atmosphere. There is an extreme demand on water sources by coal generated electricity plants.

There are still around 600 coal burning power plants in the U.S. that are producing almost half of their electricity. Shutting down the oldest and dirtiest coal plants can start the process in decreasing our dependence on coal.

Pipelines imports to the U.S. a percentage of the natural gas from Canada and Mexico. There is liquefied natural gas that is imported in small amounts.

Natural gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless and because of this, a chemical that smells like sulfur, mercaptan, is added to it for a safety value. Natural gas can then be detected in the air if a leak occurs.

Continuing to preserve our energy sources will provide a healthy earth for the next generation.