At times it’s easy to believe this world is a going crazy. Not just because of the stressful lifestyles that individuals are shoved into but also because of the bigger events that take place around us. “Environmentally friendly” and “Green” are the buzz words of these times, and that’s a good thing – but on the other hand, we see ever newer versions of automobiles being churned out across the world, ready to continue pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.

However, let’s make an effort to look at the brighter side, and some of the small ways in which we actually are coming up with better and better products for the environment.

One fast growing example of this type of product is a combination of two words you may not expect to ever read together: Soy ink. These inks are made of Soybeans and are said to be environment more friendly than conventional oil based inks. Soy inks have been accessible in the marketplace for the previous four decades, but it’s in the recent times that they’re gaining prominence over other kinds of inks, and recently the sale of Soy ink printers has gone up.

The Soy Ink Green Printer has some advantages over normal printers:

1. The soy ink is easily taken off the paper while it’s being recycled. Lesser damage is caused by soy ink to the fibers in paper. The paper that is recycled is shinier and better quality for reuse.

2. The printing through these Soy Ink Green printers helps in attaining better luminosity which removes the demand for pigmentation and is clearer. This also makes the printing cartridges more affordable.

The tendency of Soy ink printing and Eco friendly printing is fast gaining momentum. In the United States there’s been a major rise in using Green printing techniques. Now nearly 23% of print in United States is done by Soy ink but it’s Japan that leads the way. Not only do American manufactured soy inks are preferred by vast bulk Eco Friendly Printing Company owners in Japan but Japan also has 23 Soy ink producers of its own, out of a complete 28 in Asia.

The tendency of Green printing and Soy ink is increasing in other areas of the world too. Developing countries like Brazil and India are showing interest while Europe is catching up quickly.